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Our approach to fitness is all-encompassing.  We believe that in order for you to be at your best, you have to build strength, improve your aerobic capacity and endurance, challenge yourself to improve and be more healthy and more fit. We also include core stability training and flexibility training.  Therefore we offer a variety of formats to help you do just that - be at your best.  It's not too late for you to begin your journey to be healthy and well.  Lets develop a new mindset to be Fit4Life!



Our signature program is our Total Fit Boot Camp which combines high-intensity bouts of cardio training with traditional and alternative strength training, as well as,  core training to create a 1-hour, metabolic-boosting, all-ecompassing style of workout that will have you burn fat, tone muscle, and feel absolutely amazing! All fitness levels are welcome.  We have all ages, all different sizes, and all fitness levels from beginner to advanced participating in this program.  



A people-inspired fitness program that incorporates explosive movements with cardio kickboxing and cardio dance fitness.  We work out to our favorite songs on the radio, then spice things up by adding boot camp-inspired exercises to make the workouts more effective and challenging! The choreography is not complex and our steps are repetitive and easy to follow.  Please join the fun workout while burning calories at the same time! All fitness levels welcomed.  Come get Fit4Life with Kimmie!  Reserve your spot today! Classes fill quickly.



When you need a little one-on-one guidance, personalized training is the answer.  While group formats are designed for the group, personal training is all about your specific needs.  Areas of focus: Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Body Sculpting and Toning and Seniors Fitness.  Or, whether you need to learn the basics, prefer to workout privately, or simply need the extra push, you can get it with personal fitness training.  Personalized Training also includes nutrition planning and guidance.  Come get Fit4Life with Kimmie! Please call to set up a consultation.

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